In 2023 How Will You Turn Strategy Into Action?

“It starts with a conversation, that generates ideas and grows into a plan… don’t overcomplicate it.”

Strategy doesn’t need to be complicated, over-sophisticated or technical. Nor should it be the exclusive domain of owners or the senior leadership team. Effective strategy must be understood, owned, and contributed to by everyone associated with your organisation, from top to bottom, employees, suppliers, partners, and especially customers.

Strategy is a ‘team sport’ and everyone has a role to play in ensuring the end goal is reached. So how does everyone know what role to play? Through a concise, well-articulated strategy that engages every stakeholder, and is underpinned by the values and principles that everyone agrees to. It’s not rocket science, just common sense.

Once defined, strategy must be imbedded into everything you do on a daily basis. It should take precedent over competing distractions, and lead every action, conversation and project, creating true momentum and imbedding discipline and structure throughout the organisations.

Azzura Consulting will be with you throughout the journey, from strategy development, stakeholder engagement, change and transformation, implementation and beyond. We are a safe pair of hands and deeply invested in your success.

Rob Tigani – Founder / Managing Director

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About Us


Azzura Consulting (Azzura) is an advisory practice committed to making a tangible difference in the way business leaders and their teams see, think, and respond to an ever-changing world.

Our goal is to inspire our clients to be more strategic and less tactical, to explore new possibilities, to be inventive and challenge the status quo, and disrupt themselves to gain that all important competitive edge.

We do this by employing multi-disciplinary skills in;

  • Business Strategy,
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Change Management
  • Sales  Performance and Customer Success
  • Product Development and 
  • General Business Management.


The magic happens when the vision is shared throughout the organisation, because we believe success comes from having a holistic and united ‘Purpose, Strategy and Culture’.

Azzura is here for the entire journey, from the initial workshop, strategy development, implementation and beyond, because we know how the daily demands and constant distractions will derail the best intentions.

Azzura will help you stay focused on the things that matter most and help you reach for the sky.


If you are responsible for a business, you should be able to answer three essential questions:

How did I get here… because legacy is important. You should understand the reasons and decisions that led you here, those within and outside your control so you can plot a safe path forward.

Where are we going… because vision clarity drives success. Do you have a documented strategy that everyone in and around your business understands? How can someone be expected to buy into the vision and play their part if you don’t share it?

How will I know we are succeeding… if you don’t measure performance how will you inspire and motivate progress?  It’s not only the financials that count, it’s the other things we count that often matter just as much. 


Our founder, Rob Tigani, is passionate about business growth and believes success is achievable if you keep things logical and uncomplicated.

We believe “Common Sense is not so Common” (Voltaire 1765) and that in business we should never take anything for granted. So Azzura provides an easy-to-follow methodology to accelerate stakeholder awareness and drive unstoppable organisational performance.

We know that change happens by first engaging the heart, then the mind. Trust, respect and patience are the foundations because with all matters of the heart it can’t be coerced or rushed.

Our team has become a ‘safe pair of hands’ for courageous clients who want to reach for the sky and have entrusted their business’, customers and people to Azzura.


Our values are unwavering. They underpin everything we do; our ‘why, what and how.’ We work with clients who share our values and have the courage to defend them. 

Client Care
Always act in the client‘s best interest as if it was our own business.


Play and Discover
Be curious, have a hunger for knowledge and embrace life-long learning.


Collaborate with Genuine Intent
Be true, be fair and value everyone’s contribution, see the good and share it.


Glass Half Full
Always be optimistic, never negative, be open to different perspectives and new ways of doing things.


Have the courage to challenge, don’t play it safe, step up and back yourself. Give yourself permission to fail forward.


Make it Fun
Find the fun in everything we do. Be passionate and authentic and don’t take life too seriously.


Azzura is an advisory practice with multi-disciplinary skills and a network of resources to support client’s diverse business needs.

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